003: 01.01

when do I find the time to do (good) work? The “free” or down time at work is unpredictable & ultimately undesired. Weekends are a good - the best - time to spend w/the family & truly experience “what it’s all about”. Nights, mornings? Obviously I have to be a time thief, & a damn consistent one, if I expect to get things out on a regular basis, which is the goal. More foresight & continous effort, or really more of the same to date. keywords: time; consistency; planning

003: 02.02

my time is precious regardless of how much I’ll be able to set aside for my interests. My concern here is with thinking deeply to become most effective. If I imagined that the process would be “easy” or flow what comes to mind are: predefined topics, schedule of writing, getting data proactively, an iterative writing process, commitment to delivery. Getting into the nitty gritty, breaking down the essentials/objectives of each post is critical to my getting to work immediately when I have the time and not wasting time figuring out what to do next. Other elements of the process: time away to think and be surprised by ideas, notetaking, regular indexing of ideas, regular prioritization of tasks. keywords: planning; process; time management

003: 03.03

by the nature of the work, by intention, by design, I will flounder and struggle through. How do I focus and discipline myself to identify and work on the required items to get the task done? Threats: discouragement, frustration, distraction… I need to be ruthless in identifying what needs to be done, find a holding in the assignment, and progress a little each time. Yes! How do I create a small win/success each time I work? The hours and effort are a foregone conclusion - I need to have physical demonstrable progress to show for each sitting. keywords: progress; deliver; learn; defining success

003: 04.04

deadlines: taxes & posting. It’s very likely the piece I publish will be incomplete with respect to what I had envisioned. Not different from what I was aiming for but actually incomplete. The challenges that came up were too frequent… Excuses, but lessons learned, as well. I could of course hold off, but that brings up the question of what it is I’m trying to accomplish, and putting out the best work is only part of actually putting out work. The piece runs, I reassess, and I move on. There’s a whole lot going on here and I believe the best way to learn how to do it is to actually do it. keywords: deliver; lessons learned; incomplete; schedule