You're So L@Me

you probably think this post is about you

The world is burning, above the Arctic included, and we are all too busy making sure we share our opinions. As if that were not pathetic enough, too often the topic of conversation and opinion is ourselves. “Look at me, everyone!” (L@Me), is what we all seem to be screaming out. My sanity has been spared much of this self referential vortex by stearing clear of social media. Even so, I have not been completely isolated by what can happen to a mind... [Read More]

Winners Take All - The Movies

And all this for what, a puppy?

I will be avoiding John Wick’s rampage but his story ties into this investigation. A few years back I was relaxing at home, killing time, not in the mood to do anything particularly productive. I was in search of a little filler, perhaps some entertainment. I surfed the channels with just the right amount of low expectations when I stumbled across the beginning of John Wick on HBO. I let it roll having only vaguely remembered that Keanu had done another action film. I had not heard anything about it... [Read More]

N is Enough

Gotta draw the line somewhere

Fourteen drinks, Ha. What’s this number and why does it matter?1 Even if, and I am not admitting it, but even if 14 drinks a week were some sort of guidance, and mind you I’m not agreeing that it is, it’s not as if that weren’t a sufficient quantity. I don’t even know the last time I had 10 drinks. Ha? What is that?... [Read More]

Better Bayes to Drink - Races to the Bottoms Up

Off Target

Out of the pan and into the fire. A previous post on binge drinking in America broke out the demographics by age and sex. Aside from displaying some data charts observations went essentially unmentioned. That was partly due to timing issues and partly not wanting to put my foot in my mouth – that only gets in the way of the pint glass and spoils the beer taste. It did not matter that the numbers were less flattering for men. With such... [Read More]

Reseen By Us

Discounting the Past to Better Appraise the Present

Forgetting, To Move Forward The Internet never forgets but perhaps it would be best if we occasionally exercised our selective memory. When reviewing services in particular it would do us well to refresh our assessments. While discounting the past may lend recent impressions an overvalued status, there is an intuitive appeal in listening more attentively to what people who have just had an experience have to say about it. Times, places and tastes change. We need not keep in stone the ratings... [Read More]

Rafa. Fed. Again?

Ah yeah, again & again

In early summer 2008 viewers were reacquainted with sport as drama, beauty and humbling experience in one of the greatest tennis matches played. Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer submitted the exemplar contest from among an embarrassment of options of a modern golden age of tennis. Already trending toward two of the sport’s all-time greats, we witnessed two ruthless and sublime competitors going the distance at the most prestigious tournament, with the added wrinkle of a shake up to add drama to the... [Read More]