The Truth Overwhelms

Spence/Garcia - What Were the Odds of That?

A Whoopin’ Happened, but How? What does domination look like? There are many ways to the same label and this weekend we saw one approach. The larger man, Spence, used his mind in combination with his physical advantages to never allow his smaller, but still great opponent to get settled. If the domination were not apparent enough from viewing the bout the numbers bear out the one-sided affair in stark terms. By contrasting the fight night stats against the respective fighters’ previously recorded punch stat performances, and taking some... [Read More]

Simulating HBO Greatest Fighter of All Time Tournament

Had Boxing Once (tear)

I was fortunate to be introduced to boxing at a young age and at a great time for quality of fighters, broadcasts, and storylines. The network that played the oversized roll in this introduction was HBO. Decades down the line I was fully indoctrinated to its brand. Though I could be critical at times, having not lost all sense of individual preference and autonomy I never questioned where the best quality fights and fighters would be. I was hardly the only one. A couple of generations grew up taking the... [Read More]

Please Be Clear - The Mayweather Moneyline is a Difficult One to Cross

Style, Substance, & Godhardt's Law

Data Source: BoxRec Make Money Money… Boxing is a rough sport, both inside and outside the ring. It may be just as tough, if not more so, on the business side. Everyone needs to look out and make sure they are not being taken advantage of. That goes for fighters, trainers, promoters, and the viewing public. Each of these constituents is at the mercy of the others and can be handed a raw deal at any time. You cannot fault... [Read More]

Byrd on a Wire

A Ridiculous Scorecard, Just Another Day in the Life of a Boxing Fan

Ah boxing, the gift that keeps on giving Aside from the fantastic feats of athleticism and inspiring displays of will, not to overlook the lunatic level of coverage required to enter a ring, we have the sideshow to appreciate. The sideshow frequently makes an in-ring cameo (“Fan Man”; Bowe/Golota riot; Mayweather/Judah brawl) but for the most part takes place on either end of the official bout. Any long time fan of the sport can speak to the unease felt when a tight fight comes to a... [Read More]

Still Razor Thin

Three Data Approaches to a Controversial Decision

Still too Close to Call Nice build up, two top quality fighters, one hell of a tactical and willful bout, one knockdown and a controversial decision. That’s boxing, baby! I have my impressions on who won between Kovalev/Ward I (let’s all hope there’s a sequel in the near future) and am apparently curious enough about the result to want to dig deeper in order to get a more complete take. This three part (more or less) piece will explore the fight from several different angles. First we’ll see what... [Read More]

It was all GGGood just a week ago

Basic Analysis of Fight Week Tweets

Gotta Get Your Fix One of the minor life changes of moving several times zones away from where you grew up or spent a considerable amount of time recently is determining how to follow events that you used to take for granted. In an earlier time this would extend to all sorts of entertainment but with the expansion of DVR’s, podcasts, and the internet in general most things are covered and or their reliance on a set time have been... [Read More]