Data Guide for the Beer Perplexed III

Part III - Beer Descriptors

How would you describe this? Data: BreweryDB / Vis Source: Mike Bostock Many who begin their beer adventures and step outside the “comfort” of the golden piss pushed by the global players, most especially the males amongst them, get carried away by IBU’s, as witnessed in part by the explosion and sustainability of IPA as a top category. For many the style is a gateway, a steady go-to, or just something to fall back on when inspiration flags (isn’t it for most of us when it is the only alternative style a venue will carry?). It is a fine style and one of the primary... [Read More]

Did you tap that?

NYE Weekend Kegs (2017)

What’s Popping? It’s not just champagne that’s bubbling up on New Year’s Eve. Craft beer has classed up the joint so much that beer ain’t just for breakfast anymore. With so many styles and producers to choose from you’ll undoubtedly be able to find a perfect pour to go with that midnight chime and kiss. Curious to get an idea how prevalent this possible phenomenon was, and by location, I looked around for a lighthearted way to find out. Enter social media, specifically Twitter. Though much to my dismay from previous work with Twitter data most accounts do not activate geocoding or provide location information.1... [Read More]

Experts? Pfff, ... a season long digression

We'll Put Their Name to the Test

Experts Know Things, Right? What we hope to discover in this season-long investigation into American football game predictions is which major outlet has the best brain trust. By major outlet we mean the networks that carry the games, CBS, ESPN, FOX and NBC,1 and best, at least initially, will be determined by how well the respective crews, as a collective, do against game results. Game results should be self explanatory and in addition we will be looking at performance against the spread (using SportsLine), where applicable. What exactly “as a collective” means is simple enough to guess at but will be explained further below after introducing the prediction sources and explaining a bit about the... [Read More]

May I advise against the lady eating the clam chowder?

The Cleanliness of NYC Craft Beer Bar Kitchens

Much is asked of New Yorkers, from high rent, congestion, overstuffed subway cars, and extreme weather conditions, to crowded tourist traps, inconsiderate asses who stand in front of subway doors, and dealing with being attached to a country that is determined to repeatedly vote against its own interests. For this it is fair that we ask and receive some things in return. We ask these things as citizens, family members, customers and as members of various groups. When forking over that hard earned cash that’s made just a bit more discretionary by subjecting ourselves to living with perfect strangers it is right and fair that we receive in return something of value and quality. Perhaps a steal is too much... [Read More]

Still Razor Thin

Three Data Approaches to a Controversial Decision

Still too Close to Call Nice build up, two top quality fighters, one hell of a tactical and willful bout, one knockdown and a controversial decision. That’s boxing, baby! I have my impressions on who won between Kovalev/Ward I (let’s all hope there’s a sequel in the near future) and am apparently curious enough about the result to want to dig deeper in order to get a more complete take. This three part (more or less) piece will explore the fight from several different angles. First we’ll see what social media thought was happening in the moment. Then we will take a closer look at the round features and judges’ score cards (how do they line up?). Finally, there... [Read More]

Data Guide for the Beer Perplexed II

Part II - Beer Category Dimensions

What’s in a style? As we inch our way closer to beer authority1 approaching the topic from many angles it is important to occasionally take a deeper dive. This is not one of those times. Not really. Well sort of. We will get more information on beer categories and develop an idea of their characteristics on a closer but still superficial level. It’s like knowing the stats of a player. You may be able to discuss them with more understanding but if you haven’t seen them in action you can’t truly speak of their presence. There are qualitative and experiential aspects that will forever escape quantitative constraints. Ultimately, knowing any subject is to have made yourself more... [Read More]