What is it like to taste?

just a flutter of a, like a, nutty Edam cheese...

Reflections of Hops Past The glass rests on the table in front of me. The contents are restless, making puny movements. I can see the bubbles releasing themselves from the bottom and sides, taking flight toward the top. Occasionally the bubbles make it just a fraction of the way, catching on again to the glass, having been impeded by another bubble or slowed down no doubt by the weight of the surrounding liquid which is far more languid by comparison with the carbonated activity. On top of the liquid... [Read More]

On the Hume-ility of Beer Taste

The Amiable Scottish Skeptic says 'Choose better beer'

Every person wishes to know and to know more. We are creatures that came to dominate and step outside of the food chain not as a result of our strength but our intelligence and social coordination. We cannot outrun most animals, have pitiful claws, short teeth, and weak muscles. We can strategize and work in groups. Our knowledge, its accumulation, is the greatest advantage over the rest of the animal kingdom. People too often take for granted that we stand outside and apart from other animals but taking the time... [Read More]

MixSixFix - Rum Raisin

This Goes with That, That Goes with This

In this Mix we’re gonna take a tour of infographics that deal with beer, its presentation and most importantly pairings with various food categories. It doesn’t take much talent to enjoy drinking (no, I’m serious) but with a little knowhow even this most natural activity can be heightened. Ultimately you can be a more skillful tippler and these infographics provide a solid base to get you there. Six primary images have been divided into three levels: novice (the beers themselves and their serving glasses), veteran (pairings with specific foods) and... [Read More]