RoboHop - Brewing the Perfect Pint

Seven Questions Regarding AI & Beer

It was only a matter of time. London-based IntelligentX Brewing Company announced plans in 2016 to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to brew beer. Presumably better beer, but we will have to wait and see.1 Starting with four base beer stlyes (Amber, Golden, Pale, and Black [stout?]), targeted consumer preference questions and Artificial Brewing Intelligence (ABI, read abbey, like the beer making monks; get it?) the company aims to leverage technology to more quickly and fully match beer batches with people’s tastes. Feedback questions are descriptive, explain... [Read More]

TED2 - It's okay to start freaking out about AI, like yesterday

Keyser Söze Derails a Constructed Debate Around AI & Makes Things Emotional

Intro AI development has reached a point where it is no longer the concern solely of researchers, this paper being a case in point. The impacts of greater information processing, robotics, automation and autonomous systems have far reaching consequences that extend to all present societies and likely all future generations. The ability of citizens to inform themselves and speak intelligently on the matter is crucial for devising inclusive policy responses to changes in economics, politics and culture. Consider this just one more crank’s foray into an increasingly fashionable field... [Read More]