It was all GGGood just a week ago

Basic Analysis of Fight Week Tweets

Gotta Get Your Fix One of the minor life changes of moving several times zones away from where you grew up or spent a considerable amount of time recently is determining how to follow events that you used to take for granted. In an earlier time this would extend to all sorts of entertainment but with the expansion of DVR’s, podcasts, and the internet in general most things are covered and or their reliance on a set time have been... [Read More]

When you come to a fork in the road, keep moving

Endless Routes to Your Pint?

So, where do you wanna meet up? Vis Source: Mike Bostock I have heard it been said the answer to life is 42 but that does you no good if you don’t know the question. The city provides answers all around you but you don’t know what to collect and where they belong. Standing in Time Square can leave you paralyzed with options but if I told you there was a good bar, well now you have... [Read More]

Cold, Dark, & Wet - Dutch Summers Pair with Most Beer Styles

My Contribution to Bryan Roth's Six Pack Project

The Dutch Know Beer The Netherlands has a long standing beer history and the only non-Belgian Trappist brewery, La Trappe, to prove it. Beer culture in Holland manifests itself in many ways. From the behemoth Heineken, to the aforementioned Trappist brewery, and the ever burgeoning microbrew scene in between. Beer is to be found at most getogethers, festivals, and celebrations, as well as fine and low restaurants alike. Below I present some of my findings and explorations in this beer haven... [Read More]

Going Dutch ...but I digress

Learning a Language with Modern Tools

Are we really only going to talk about one issue? Please, that’s tedious, leaves you open to some well deserved ribbing, and it’s how Prohibition was passed (I think we’ve all learned from that mistake). Like most of us are wont to do in real life let us jump from subject to subject, share stories, describe our dreams and brilliant ideas that only an ample amount of drinking would allow us to divulge and share with another. That’s what this... [Read More]

Just when I thought I was out

US Medal Dominance - Some How's & Hints of Why's

I told myself that I was done going over the disparity in numbers between the US and rest of the world with respect to the World Beer Cup. While what I wrote earlier was certainly not the definitive say on the matter, and nor was it meant to be, I thought I’d made my point. Until last week, when the WBC results made it for me by giving the US its largest metal haul ever, both in absolute and relative numbers. Based on previous entry and... [Read More]

It's pronounced thermometer

Using WBC Entry Counts as an Industry Barometer

Being such a the most prestigious beer competition™ one could be forgiven for expecting breweries to want to gain a World Beer Cup medal. As a light draws mosquitoes so would the wBC draw beers, to my thinking. With that idea in mind I was inspired by various questions1 to take a look at visualizing and summarizing the competitions through the years. I had several expectations going in: Died-off categories would represent general brewery/industry neglect (Non-Alcoholic Malt Tonic), historical... [Read More]

Let's get ready to rumble

In this corner we got the funk body snatcher...

The WBC is next week! If you’re like me those acronyms actually bring boxing to mind more so than beer. However, let’s not get stuck on putrid sanctioning bodies and “alleged” corruption in a brutal and beautiful sport. Instead, we’ll swig (Freud!), eh swing, our attention back to our regularly programmed topic. Similarly to boxing, however, we will be talking about competition: beer competition. The WBC is the World Beer Cup or what I am starting to consider the “World” Beer Cup (wBC), the... [Read More]

Branching out

One Twig at a Time

While it is not clear if anyone cares to go on looking at the percentage change of brewery counts over time (crickets!) I am not ready to give it up. At least not yet, but this is likely the last word on the matter for a while. It is good to follow through on what you start and I certainly want to be a good influence on my future nephews/nieces. Additionally, there is the self-serving reason of being able to reuse this visualization work in future posts and... [Read More]

Let's keep going with this

A Little Digging

Not Gonna Get Too Dirty… Yet So regarding that deceptively simple plot, once I was done putting it together I got to thinking (uh-ooh) about some questions and points of interest. Sure, we didn’t break any ground with the graphic but it was meant as a starting point for further investigation and that’s what this post is about: digging a little deeper. Data Source: Beer Institute First the “obvious” things. If you knew a little about... [Read More]

What took so long?

Some Ramblings & Excuses

Hello, world (beer burp) I’ve been meaning to get this post/site up and going for some time now. If I told you how long I’ve had this web address and how little I’ve done with it you’d probably shake your head. You might also empathize, I mean I can’t be the only procrastinator. Excuses aren’t just something I come up with, right? Ironically, I’m actually moving forward (for real this time?) at one of my busiest and most transitionary periods. That’s not entirely odd. When you have little time... [Read More]