Better Bayes to Drink - Lowered Expectations

You've Gotta Make me Change my Mind

How many chances can you give a brewery before you give up on one of its beers? Certainly some level of leniency is advisable. The quality of the beer you drink is a factor of many influences, all along a supply chain that the brewery is not directly responsible for. The beer may have been poorly stored, kept too long, transported negligently, or had issues with sealing. Perhaps it was a bad batch. We move up the supply chain and closer to the source with each step. Gradually the level... [Read More]

Books v. Internets

What's Your Time Worth?

… and how’re you spending your mind? The ladies will have to enlighten or mislead us further regarding the things they talk about when amongst themselves, I can at least speak to topics covered in the company of men. Naturally, camaraderie and enthusiasm will influence which subject is picked out at any one moment among sports, money, politics, women (and what the heck they are talking about in the bathroom together), tech and consumer goods, other friends and acquaintances, work, and entertainment. Under the final category fall... [Read More]

Byrd on a Wire

A Ridiculous Scorecard, Just Another Day in the Life of a Boxing Fan

Ah boxing, the gift that keeps on giving Aside from the fantastic feats of athleticism and inspiring displays of will, not to overlook the lunatic level of coverage required to enter a ring, we have the sideshow to appreciate. The sideshow frequently makes an in-ring cameo (“Fan Man”; Bowe/Golota riot; Mayweather/Judah brawl) but for the most part takes place on either end of the official bout. Any long time fan of the sport can speak to the unease felt when a tight fight comes to a... [Read More]

Data Guide for the Beer Perplexed V

Part V - PageRank

No Beer Style is an Island onto Itself Capturing the link relationships of beer styles offers an opportunity to discover connections and patterns not immediately apparent from simply reading the information or following the recommendations on an one off basis. Leveraging the insight that informed the PageRank algorithm and unleashed a little company called Google upon the world, we can traverse the directional links, the recommendations from one beer to another, to identify the highest scoring beer style as a function of references. The PageRank algo is inspired... [Read More]

RoboHop - Brewing the Perfect Pint

Seven Questions Regarding AI & Beer

It was only a matter of time. London-based IntelligentX Brewing Company announced plans in 2016 to leverage artificial intelligence (AI) to brew beer. Presumably better beer, but we will have to wait and see.1 Starting with four base beer stlyes (Amber, Golden, Pale, and Black [stout?]), targeted consumer preference questions and Artificial Brewing Intelligence (ABI, read abbey, like the beer making monks; get it?) the company aims to leverage technology to more quickly and fully match beer batches with people’s tastes. Feedback questions are descriptive, explain... [Read More]