Suds in The City

Closest Big Box Yuppie Stores in Manhattan

Grab a Roadie Share Whole Foods v. Trader Joe’s Voronoi Craft beer is here, hooray. There are more breweries and styles than ever before. Taste has won over mass produced piss and we may all rest easy now. Not so fast. While we may be experiencing a Golden Age in beer consumer options there is no guarantee these days are here to last. With more options come more challenges, opportunities, and developments. Challenges: more breweries, more competition, more difficult to be noticed in the market. Opportunities: breweries are supplementing their... [Read More]

Then there is no pleasing you

Ten Great Beers get Bizzaro Appreciation

“Yeah, well, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.” - The Dude This post is inspired by BuzzFeed’s 2015 “One-Star Amazon Reviews Of Classic Novels Are Hilarious” article. I could not help myself from tracking down some iconic and highly rated beers to see what an equivalent level of dissatisfaction would look like in my area of interest. A well regarded item with any longevity will inevitably have people taking shots at it. This may happen for a number of different reasons: dashed hopes, hype fatigue, schadenfreude, and sometimes simple misalignment of expectations. Additionally, unlike books in our modern world, certain beers are not universally available meaning on top of everything else people will take upon... [Read More]

Data Guide for the Beer Perplexed

Part I - Looking at Beer Style Connections

Whole Lotta Beers Out There Beer is delicious but it is not one thing. If you disagree with the former part of the previous sentence please keep the latter in mind. Think of sports, for instance. Many would agree with the blanket statement “sports are fun” but depending on what you have in mind two people can easily have opposite reactions to being presented the opportunity to play ping-pong. Sports are not one thing, music is not one thing, and neither is beer. Presented with a finely crafted brew in a style of your preference it is difficult to have a more pleasurable gastronomical experience. Throw off one of those two criteria, craftsmanship or style preference, and you’re likely... [Read More]

It was all GGGood just a week ago

Basic Analysis of Fight Week Tweets

Gotta Get Your Fix One of the minor life changes of moving several times zones away from where you grew up or spent a considerable amount of time recently is determining how to follow events that you used to take for granted. In an earlier time this would extend to all sorts of entertainment but with the expansion of DVR’s, podcasts, and the internet in general most things are covered and or their reliance on a set time have been removed. There are some things that do matter or our enjoyment of them are affected by when they happen, especially if you attempt to watch the event without spoilers or... [Read More]

When you come to a fork in the road, keep moving

Endless Routes to Your Pint?

So, where do you wanna meet up? Vis Source: Mike Bostock I have heard it been said the answer to life is 42 but that does you no good if you don’t know the question. The city provides answers all around you but you don’t know what to collect and where they belong. Standing in Time Square can leave you paralyzed with options but if I told you there was a good bar, well now you have a motivation. Your focus highlights the obstacles, most notably time and distance, and can help you begin forming and working on the question. There is an answer to the question... [Read More]

Cold, Dark, & Wet - Dutch Summers Pair with Most Beer Styles

My Contribution to Bryan Roth's Six Pack Project

The Dutch Know Beer The Netherlands has a long standing beer history and the only non-Belgian Trappist brewery, La Trappe, to prove it. Beer culture in Holland manifests itself in many ways. From the behemoth Heineken, to the aforementioned Trappist brewery, and the ever burgeoning microbrew scene in between. Beer is to be found at most getogethers, festivals, and celebrations, as well as fine and low restaurants alike. Below I present some of my findings and explorations in this beer haven of a nation. I hope this sample entices you to grab a Dutch brew the next time you’re offered the chance. Reuz Stout It’s the beginning of June and... [Read More]