Lite Readin' - Oh Beautiful Beer

In the Eye of the Beer Holder

I appreciate any book that can show the familiar as new, or vice versa. Helping to explain how and why things came to pass, that their creation was a contingent event provides a refreshing and sobering reminder of things need not be accepted as they appear. Grounding extant objects in historical context helps to enliven their meaning and meaningfulness. We are given an opportunity to appreciate items on multiple levels, contextualize the aesthetic or functional aspects, even of a... [Read More]

MixSixFix - Who's Releasing What, When? Huh?

Just searching for a little release...

(links and images still need to prettify’d, but the text is set) You don’t come to EP for new release information. There are other outlets for that information, two of which I mention below. No sir/mam, you’re here for some in-depth analysis shit. Or some trivially superficial breakdowns ( . You never know, though I would bet on the superficial. Speaking of superficial we take a quick tour of calendars put out for 2017 below. Images and links are provided for further review but if you want to peak at... [Read More]

MixSixFix - I Dream of a (Quiet) Pint

Humble longings of a cozy bar & delicious pint...

Life has taken an interesting, complicated and long expected turn recently. For this I am grateful and humbled. At the same time, there is only so long one can run on adrenaline and caffeine. Occasionally, a calming salve is also desired and now I dream, when I can get any sleep at all, of a quiet moment and a pint. I suspect the thought is more attractive than the reality. The other day my lady suggested I have a drink but I deferred, preferring the imminent uninterrupted... [Read More]

MixSixFix - Rum Raisin

This Goes with That, That Goes with This

In this Mix we’re gonna take a tour of infographics that deal with beer, its presentation and most importantly pairings with various food categories. It doesn’t take much talent to enjoy drinking (no, I’m serious) but with a little knowhow even this most natural activity can be heightened. Ultimately you can be a more skillful tippler and these infographics provide a solid base to get you there. Six primary images have been divided into three levels: novice (the beers themselves and their serving glasses), veteran (pairings with specific foods) and... [Read More]