MixSixFix - I Dream of a (Quiet) Pint

Humble longings of a cozy bar & delicious pint...

Life has taken an interesting, complicated and long expected turn recently. For this I am grateful and humbled. At the same time, there is only so long one can run on adrenaline and caffeine. Occasionally, a calming salve is also desired and now I dream, when I can get any sleep at all, of a quiet moment and a pint. I suspect the thought is more attractive than the reality. The other day my lady suggested I have a drink but I deferred, preferring the imminent uninterrupted... [Read More]

MixSixFix - Rum Raisin

This Goes with That, That Goes with This

In this Mix we’re gonna take a tour of infographics that deal with beer, its presentation and most importantly pairings with various food categories. It doesn’t take much talent to enjoy drinking (no, I’m serious) but with a little knowhow even this most natural activity can be heightened. Ultimately you can be a more skillful tippler and these infographics provide a solid base to get you there. Six primary images have been divided into three levels: novice (the beers themselves and their serving glasses), veteran (pairings with specific foods) and... [Read More]