Sleep No More - Caffeine


When it comes to beer there is much to talk about, write about, and tackle. Health aspects have been a recent topic in this space. Here the health angle continues but from the perspective of other drinks. The health measure, sleep. The culprit, caffeine. Beyond, or better yet because of, the added alertness, boost in energy, and mood enhancement it is worth asking what else comes along for the ride, or is left out. Caffeine and sleep are inexorably intertwined as they... [Read More]

Divide it we 'stand

Mericans Need Only Divide by 4

With increased computing power and gene sequencing we hear about the prospects of personalized medicine and pharmaceuticals. That opportunity, in many dumbed down and modest forms, is already here. It is time we leverage the science available for a drinking customized with our health in mind. Alcohol is a toxin and it is unclear what low level can be defined as unequivocally safe. Stepping back from the worst case, long-term detrimental effects we can target the more immediate future for guidance on how to better judge our shenanigans. I... [Read More]