Winners Take All - The Movies

And all this for what, a puppy?

I will be avoiding John Wick’s rampage but his story ties into this investigation. A few years back I was relaxing at home, killing time, not in the mood to do anything particularly productive. I was in search of a little filler, perhaps some entertainment. I surfed the channels with just the right amount of low expectations when I stumbled across the beginning of John Wick on HBO. I let it roll having only vaguely remembered that Keanu had done another action film. I had not heard anything about it... [Read More]

Better Bayes to Drink - Races to the Bottoms Up

Off Target

Out of the pan and into the fire. A previous post on binge drinking in America broke out the demographics by age and sex. Aside from displaying some data charts observations went essentially unmentioned. That was partly due to timing issues and partly not wanting to put my foot in my mouth – that only gets in the way of the pint glass and spoils the beer taste. It did not matter that the numbers were less flattering for men. With such... [Read More]

Better Bayes to Drink - Lowered Expectations

You've Gotta Make me Change my Mind

How many chances can you give a brewery before you give up on one of its beers? Certainly some level of leniency is advisable. The quality of the beer you drink is a factor of many influences, all along a supply chain that the brewery is not directly responsible for. The beer may have been poorly stored, kept too long, transported negligently, or had issues with sealing. Perhaps it was a bad batch. We move up the supply chain and closer to the source with each step. Gradually the level... [Read More]

Let's get ready to rumble

In this corner we got the funk body snatcher...

The WBC is next week! If you’re like me those acronyms actually bring boxing to mind more so than beer. However, let’s not get stuck on putrid sanctioning bodies and “alleged” corruption in a brutal and beautiful sport. Instead, we’ll swig (Freud!), eh swing, our attention back to our regularly programmed topic. Similarly to boxing, however, we will be talking about competition: beer competition. The WBC is the World Beer Cup or what I am starting to consider the “World” Beer Cup (wBC), the... [Read More]