Reseen By Us

Discounting the Past to Better Appraise the Present

Forgetting, To Move Forward The Internet never forgets but perhaps it would be best if we occasionally exercised our selective memory. When reviewing services in particular it would do us well to refresh our assessments. While discounting the past may lend recent impressions an overvalued status, there is an intuitive appeal in listening more attentively to what people who have just had an experience have to say about it. Times, places and tastes change. We need not keep in stone the ratings... [Read More]

Yelpful Enough

Appropriation not Always Appropriate

Eeny, meeny With the cold weather behind us it is time to return to walking and claiming the city more fully.1 Even in traveling by subway, taxi, or bike we have more daylight and warm weather than in recent months, both encouraging us to stay out a bit (longer) between work and home. In a couple of months it will be hot enough to frequent rooftop bars, a few months further still we will once again be sliding into another frigid winter. The time is now to... [Read More]

Another Summer Bummer?

A Look at NYC 311 Calls re Drankin'

Whatchya got in that cup? Man, whatchya got in that cup? Everyone likes a drink now and again. You can’t help it if others don’t always appreciate the difficult week, new promotion, recent break up, or birthday celebration of the moment that has brought on a little imbibing. Apparently, some people can be so bothered by this form of expressiveness that they feel the need to have someone step in. That is where a “friendly” 311 call comes in. With summer officially starting today I looked to last year’s... [Read More]

May I advise against the lady eating the clam chowder?

The Cleanliness of NYC Craft Beer Bar Kitchens

Much is asked of New Yorkers, from high rent, congestion, overstuffed subway cars, and extreme weather conditions, to crowded tourist traps, inconsiderate asses who stand in front of subway doors, and dealing with being attached to a country that is determined to repeatedly vote against its own interests. For this it is fair that we ask and receive some things in return. We ask these things as citizens, family members, customers and as members of various groups. When forking over that hard earned cash that’s made just a bit more... [Read More]

Suds in The City

Closest Big Box Yuppie Stores in Manhattan

Grab a Roadie Share Whole Foods v. Trader Joe’s Voronoi Craft beer is here, hooray. There are more breweries and styles than ever before. Taste has won over mass produced piss and we may all rest easy now. Not so fast. While we may be experiencing a Golden Age in beer consumer options there is no guarantee these days are here... [Read More]